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Four directions,
infinite combinations
GlowLight has four LED strips, glowing 360 degrees in all directions. And since every LED can be controlled individually, you will not run out of effect combinations any time soon. Want to mix some solid red color on two LED strips with a moving rainbow on the other two? Sure! Or maybe a fire effect on all four LED strips? Of course! Or do you like it simple and want all LEDs to glow in a nice orange? No problem!
The preinstalled GlowOS makes it super easy to set up these custom combinations of effects and segments.
And if you want to unleash your creativity even more, you can upload your own software to GlowLight and control the LEDs however you want!
Your home party lightGlowLight has effects that can react to music (using its integrated microphone) - and which you can further customize, to create your own unique club atmosphere at home. Want multiple GlowLight lamps to react in sync to the same music? You can also do that! By installing the free Ledfx software on your computer.
Over 100 effects,
easy to customize
GlowLight runs GlowOS, an improved version of the famous open-source software WLED. This means you can easily control the LEDs via WiFi from your phone, tablet, or other computer and choose from over 100 LED effects and further customize those: their speed, color, and what part of the LED strips they glow on.
Smart Home ReadyGlowOS can be easily connected to HomeAssistant, the famous open-source home automation software. This means you can also control GlowLight via Alexa, Siri / Apple HomeKit, and create all kinds of automation to control your lights.
Just press the buttonWhile it's a lot of fun to control and customize your GlowLight animations via WiFi or ask your virtual assistant to turn on or off the lights, sometimes you just want to control your LED lamp directly, using a button. That's why GlowLight also includes the action button at the top, to cycle between your favorite effects and turn on/off the lamp. Great if you just want to ask a visitor to turn off the lights in your home and in many other situations.
Powered by USB-CGlowLight is powered by a USB-C cable. So you can power it with the power source of your choice. That can be a USB-C power adapter, a desktop computer, or even an external battery. Using the USB-C port you can also easily reinstall GlowOS or even upload your own software, to control your LEDs.
You buy it, you own it.I don't just believe in a right to repair, but a right to own your electronics. This means all products "designed by glowingkitty" are fully open source, have a growing amount of documention about how you can build, repair and modify them, have pins that allow you to connect additional sensors or other electronics to them, and if you like you can also 3D print your own cases for your LED lamps. And of course, you can also write your own code and upload it to GlowLight, via USB-C or even via Wi-Fi!
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