Learn industrial design the easy & fun way, with LEDs!

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Step 1: Build an LED lamp, with a DIY kit!
GlowLightWhat a beautiful desk lamp!
GlowTowerSet the mood for your whole room!
GlowTubeLooks great alone, as twins even better!
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Step 2: Build your own LED projects!
Join our eventsWorkshops, talks and more.From total beginner to advanced.
LED co-hacking eveningat xHain hack & makespace
Beginner workshop -Learn PCB design with KiCadat xHain hack & makespace
Beginner workshop -How to plan & build your own LED projectat xHain hack & makespace
Beginner workshop -3D model your LED project in Fusion360at xHain hack & makespace
Beginner workshop -Design it all. Intro to Figmaat xHain hack & makespace
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GlowCoreThe easiest way to control LED strips!
Need help with an LED project?
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Update or reinstall GlowOS
GlowOS comes preinstalled on all devices by glowingkitty and allows you to easily control your LEDs via WiFi and buttons. We keep adding new features to GlowOS over time. So check out the web installer for updating or reinstalling GlowOS.Open web installer
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